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Good day to wherever you may be. I bring very exciting news with this post. zakopinion will be introducing a new posting format for certain articles!

These articles will begin with every author writing “My zakopinion:” before the article starts. We at zakopinion will be providing our “zakopinions.” So we will basically be stating our opinion and asking for your “zakopinion” at the end, in order to engage our readers more!

Some articles may also have a poll at the end. We also plan to further optimize our articles with numerous pictures being inserted and certain links being put in. This will hopefully make reading zakopinion a better experience!

The World Partnership Walk & zakopinion’s Sponsorship


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Yesterday the annual World Partnership Walk was held in David Pecaut square in Toronto. I am always a donor of the Walk and this year did something a little bit special. zakopinion Sponsored t-shirts for the WPW.

The money goes towards many initiatives in East Africa and Asia which are led by the Aga Khan Development net work. The walk was a great experience. Among the more famous attendees were Toronto Mayor John Tory, Premier Kathleen Wynne, Leader of Ontario’s Official Opposition Patrick Brown, Deputy Mayor Denzil Minan Wong, Conservative MP John Carmichael, and Liberal MPP Reza Moridi.
Also in attendance were thousands who took part in the walk and many corporations.

zakopinion is a proud sponsor of the World Partnership Walk!

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Seafood Collapse: The Cost We Don’t See


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By: Rolf Li with Zakyr Rhemtulla

I almost never eat seafood that comes from a fish larger than Salmon. I also almost never eat fish that comes from any other place than Canada. There is a problem that is growing every single year that may run the oceans dry – of safe fish to eat.

Every single year, over 86.3 million tonnes of fish are caught and consumed from our oceans, and they are not replenishing themselves. The once-huge swordfish is now being caught at around 1/3 of its average weight in the 1970’s and there is no end in sight. The problem does not end there. Aside from the fact that unsustainable fishing is being practised everywhere, pollution is a driving factor in seafood related poisoning. Mercury, DDT, PCBs are all finding their way into out eco-systems, and once healthy fish stocks are being killed constantly.

In the 1990’s, Canada banned fishing cod within 350 kilometers of the Canadian shore. Shock waves flew through the industry as over 25,000 people lost their jobs and billions of dollars worth of potential fish were lost. In the late 1990’s, Canada started to restrict the fishing of Pacific Salmon in fear that the west coast will also suffer the same fate as the east. The reason behind all of this loss is our greed for more. Unsustainable fishing is not the answer to our growing demand for fish and marine animals. The boom will happen, but with this kind of fishing, we are destroying the future potential for the same industry that we spent so long building up.

The second reason that I am worried about the fish I eat is due to the chemicals that are inside of the catch. The World Health Organization has set a maximum safety cap of mercury in the seafood that we eat at 0.4 ppm. In a local study that was conducted in Japan, some types of fish and whales had 2000ppm–which will kill extremely fast. Of the 50 states in the USA, 49 had bodies of water in which the fish is not safe to eat. The last state, Wyoming, did not have a record of the levels of contamination.

I hope that now you see the problems with the seafood we eat. It will destroy us, and our future.

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Canadian Corporations: Not So Canadian


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Canada. The True North and Strong. Strong yes (well maybe not because of falling oil prices). True North? Maybe not so much. I don’t think we are true anymore. After all, our governments, both provincial and federal, are selling out to foreign investors. The reason why I am writing this is because I read this morning that Ontario’s premier Kathleen Wynne was in New York promoting Hydro One as it is slated to become privatized. We’ll get into that later, for the time being we’ll start off with Nexen’s foreign takeover.

Nexen is a major oil producer headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. It employs about 3,000 people and has a revenue of $6.7 billion making it a key factor in Canada’s oil leaning economy. Sadly for Canada, Nexen was sold to a Chinese oil company by the name of CNOOC in February 2013. They paid about $15 billion for the Canadian entity. What is also sad about this deal is the fact that (not so Canadian) Nexen owns hectares of Canadian land including Long Lake which is an oil extraction point. This land, Chinese land, is situated in heart of the Canadian economy. Also, as soon as Nexen was taken over by Chinese CNOOC, Canadian CEO Kevin Reinhart was replaced in favour of a Chinese guy who goes by the name of Fang Zhi. This is one example of the many Canadians who will lose their jobs because of Foreign corporations taking over Canadian ones. Sad eh?

Now we move onto Hydro One, the company that provides electricity to people across the Province of Ontario. Premier Kathleen Wynne is trying to sell shares of Hydro One to foreign investors as the company is being privatized. According to the “rules” put into place, the most a single investor can own of Hydro One is 10%. That does not mean anything at all in terms of keeping the company Canadian. If you get 6 foreign investors, 60% of the company will be foreign. The majority shareholders who have never have even step foot onto Ontario soil will be the ones who hike up our electricity bills. If Hydro One becomes Foreign owned, expect to see billionaires laughing at the way they can charge Canadian families. They’ll bring in their foreign workers just like Nexen did and we will lose even more Canadian jobs.

O Canada, what is happening with our corporations?


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Bossjamesopinionated Poll


Hello people,

Recently I have been receiving multiple complaints about one of the zakopinion staff, Bossjamesopinionated. And as a way to solve this problem, an anonymous user has sent me a poll which will decide whether he will stay or not. This will be in accord with the results from the poll. The poll begins at 3:30 PM EST today and ends on the Twenty-Fourth of June, 2015, exactly at 3:30 PM EST. Here is the link:

Thanks and may the Opinions be with you!

A Future Struggle for Alberta


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A week ago, Alberta had a provincial election, and many were surprised of the final results. I for one, was really shocked and I can not see a bright future for Alberta. I feel that Alberta will endure the most suffering they have ever had experienced in years. Since the NDP opened up a new chapter for the province, it made headlines. Many against the oil industry in Alberta are very happy as of today.

First of all, let’s break it down and look at the results. The NDP won 53 seats, Wildrose won 21 seats, the PC Party won 10 seats, and the Liberal and Alberta parties won one seat. As a reader you are probably really shocked and just hope that none of this will affect you in any sort of way. I’ll tell you this: all of Canada will be widely affected. The reason behind this is because of the tar sands. The tar sands contribute to Canada’s economy and Alberta has low taxes and low unemployment because of the oil sands. Since the NDP are now in power in Alberta, there are some possible things to expect from a new government.

1) Tax related issues:

Carbon tax has been mentioned a bit in Federal politics. If the NDP does have plans of introducing a carbon tax to Alberta, this will greatly affect the price of oil and the provincial economy. Most of Alberta’s money comes from the oil industry in the province and I believe that the NDP government will produce less oil for environmental reasons and start increasing taxes in the province. Alberta also has a low sales tax rate at 5%, as they do not have a provincial sales tax because again, the oil sands.

2) Economic decline (Provincial and Federal):

What I am really concerned about is the economy that will affect every Canadian and that will anger many across the country. The federal government will lose money from the oil sands because of the NDP government. This could possibly affect the price of oil, because of the current oil issue in Canada affecting the economy. I believe that the Northern Gateway Pipeline will be delayed even further because of the new government. The Federal Conservative government is the last possible supporter for the pipeline and plans of construction will begin in 2019, the year of the next provincial election in Alberta. It will be delayed for another few years until a final decision can be made.

I am pretty disappointed in most Albertans this year, thumbs up to those who voted for Wildrose or PC, but a big thumbs down for those who voted for the NDP, Liberal or Alberta. What people don’t see is that they will be suffering for the next 4 years until the next election in 2019. They also don’t see that they are pulling off a social experiment on themselves. What people don’t understand is that left-wing politics wants to raise taxes and legalize marijuana. The use of money spending will be a complete waste for the next 4 years while the NDP is in control. If Trudeau becomes prime minister, he will cooperate with the NDP government and possibly destroy our oil industry.

Right now, Stephen Harper is probably not happy as his home province has voted against the Tories. He had a lot planned for the pipeline, now it has gone to waste and construction would be delayed even further. I don’t even understand why this year in Alberta has many people becoming leftists. As the place is where the oil money is generated, we don’t want people like these to interfere with our GDP and oil production. You don’t even expect a province like this to become a leftist territory. Hopefully Albertans will not suffer as much and they will be able to make it through 4 years of NDP rule.

This is Bossjamesopinionated, and let’s hope Alberta will stay strong!

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Poll Announcement


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Hello zakopinioners,

It’s Bossjamesopinionated and I have decided to repost the poll every week until Saturday, May 30. So you will have 2 weeks until then. We will finalize the results at 12:00 PM Eastern time. We need many responses from you all so we can make a final decision. So we encourage you to spread the word so we can make the final decision. Thank you for your support and we hope see you then!

Reblog on Politics


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Since elections are coming up in October, we made posts about politicians and political affects, in late 2014 and early 2015. We need your opinion if we should reblog some old posts each week, from the time period from June-August of 2015!

This is Bossjamesopinionated, and may the Opinions be with You!

The Touching VE Day Ceremonies


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Today marks the day when Europe was liberated from the Nazis. Since I’m Canadian, my focus in this article will be on Canada’s relationship with the Netherlands and how they honoured our Canadian veterans today.

There was a huge parade in the city of Apeldoorn where many Canadians who died in the last weeks of WWII are buried. Canadian veterans who were parading down the streets were greeted by Dutch citizens who held Canadian flags and throwing flowers at the Veterans thanking them for the freedom they experience today. Even little kids were giving high fives to the Canadian veterans. Seeing this gave me goosebumps and nearly brought tears to my eyes. Veterans being interviewed were amazed by the reception they were getting. Seeing the smiles on their faces and their contentment made me feel great. These men and women all over ninety years of age were being treated like rock stars.

All this made me feel amazing. What Canadians did in WWII was truly defined by today’s ceremonies. The way they feel for our veterans makes me proud to be Canadian. Knowing what joy and freedom my country has brought to millions of people makes me feel proud to be Canadian.

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