Grexit: What’s Next?


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By: Rolf Li

As you may have heard in the news, Greece is officially the first developed country to miss an International Monetary Fund (IMF) payment in the history of civilization. Now the country that “is the bedrock of democracy” is facing one of the worst economic downturns that have every occurred. If you have read my previous article on the economic collapse of the Eurozone ( , it is clear that Greece is the first country in Europe to finally crumble and default on its debt. So what is next for this cash-starved, bankrupt nation?

Greece has an estimated GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of 242.2 Billion USD, which contributes to around only 2% of the Eurozone combined GDP. Ever since the recession in 2008, the Greek Debt to GDP ratio is 175.1%, and the unemployment rate in March 2015 was 25.6%, one of the highest in the developed world. So what is going on with the country? If it isn’t obvious enough, Greece has been overspending for years upon years, and is now paying the price for not cutting back on spending and controlling government debt. Greece owes a grand total of 323 Euros to countries, banks, and organizations. 5 years ago, Greece was also teetering on the verge of bankruptcy, and there was no end in sight, but the IMF applied and loaned  a large sum of 110 Euros in bailout funds to encourage economic stability and recovery. Now, Greece was not able to repay the 1.6 Billion payment that was due on June 30th, 2015. Hopes of another bailout plan came short after 6 PM EST after the deadline came to a close, but there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. A supposed agreement is in the works after the Greek government said that they would follow even more austerity measures, such as pension cuts and heavier taxation, in order to receive a 2 Billion Euro bailout fund–again. However, the referendum that will be held on Sunday will determine in Greece will stay in the Eurozone, as the citizens of Greece will decide if they want to have the demanded austerity measures that Germany, France, and other countries are demanding. If they vote “No”, Greece will most likely fully default on national debt, and will be forced out of the Eurozone. The country will revert to using the Drachma as a national currency, and the situation will worsen as value of the currency will deflate and international creditors will still demand that loans be paid back in full. There is most likely only 2 solutions to this massive problem. First, more austerity will be applied and a bailout will be lent, or a debt forgiveness plan is forged to relieve Greece of its debt. Either way, this will not be easy on Greece, or the world. So should Greece vote “YES” or “NO” to austerity? What’s your zakopinion?

Greek Debt


Why I am done with Apple


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Every now and then, people will always experience trouble with their phone, whether if it is a battery problem, glitch, crash or post-jailbreak issues. These are what really annoy us, especially if they consistently occur. As an iPhone user, I am done having to deal with the bullshit that Apple keeps giving me. I used to have an iPhone 5 until it started having some battery issues, so I eventually bought an iPhone 5s, but just recently I started experiencing the same issues again on my 5s. Before experiencing this battery issue on my 5s, my 5s did not charge to 100% overnight so I had to call Apple and I was on the phone for an hour. They told me I had to back up my phone, and restart it, it fixed the problem for the time being. I also had to find a new charging cord to replace my old one.

It seemed like my problem would be gone for now, until the same battery issue that happened to my old phone came to this phone. This battery issue is when your phone battery is at 0-20%, what I call “the red zone”. So basically your battery is in the red zone, your battery can drain at some point and you will have to charge it so it can be back at its last percentage. I think this has been really irritating and using certain apps can cause it to happen even if you phone is not at the red zone.

Now as you iPhone users think about it, it is time for a switch to Samsung or BlackBerry. I am deciding to switch to a BlackBerry as mentioned in a previous technology post. Now I have decided to upgrade to a BlackBerry Leap instead as I find the Passport more complicated to use. But either way, I will get a phone that will not have issues that iPhones have.

This is Bossjamesopinionated, and this is the truth about Apple!


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The Fate of Canada’s Senate


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The Senate of Canada is a highly debated topic in Canada and there has not been an outcome. Over the years, some Canadian provinces had upper houses, they were either abolished before joining the Dominion or during the time the province was part of Canada. The lower house was still standing and the its name was changed to Legislative Assembly. Now it leaves the national upper house and nothing much has happened. Many people across the country want the Senate to either be reformed or abolished.

Let’s get to the facts, the only way to understand why many want the Senate to be abolished is to understand the facts.

#1: Many people want to vote for the Senators. As of now, the Prime Minister has the right to appoint whoever they want to be a senator. Compared to our friends to the south, they vote for both Representatives and Senators. Interestingly enough, China makes its political leaders vote for president, which is comparable to how in Canada the people aren’t allowed to vote for members of the government.

#2: Senators don’t work as much, but they get high pay. To me this is a big problem because I don’t think it is efficient to pay someone when they don’t work as much in one year. Senators don’t even work anywhere close to three months a year. This is just like saying, I am paying my tax dollars for health care that I use at least two or three times a year and someone out there is using my health care money well.

I think the Senate is actually useful and should go through a bit of reform after the elections. I agree that Bills should be reviewed after being pass from the House of Commons. It has been debated over and over again and the Senate hasn’t gone through any reform or been abolished yet. I agree with the Triple-E Senate (Equal, Elected, Effective) as this could be a final solution that could reform the Senate. Equal: each province must have the same amount of Senators. Elected: citizens can vote for Senators, rather than the prime minister appoint them. Effective: the Senate should have more powers in the Canadian Parliament. This is a good plan and our tax dollars seem to be in better use for the Senate.

This is Bossjamesopinionated, and it is time to reform the Senate!

Don Del Mastro Is Off To The Can


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Dean Del Mastro, the once high ranked Conservative MP was sentenced to one month in prison for lying about campaign expenses. Kids, let this be a lesson to you. Never lie and always be honest or you’ll end up like Del Mastro. I guess Del Mastro really didn’t learn much as a child. To start off with he lied about stealing and also cried when speaking in parliament. I can just picture a younger version of Dean in daycare. He eats his lunch and is still hungry so he steals someone else’s lunch. When the teacher comes around and confronts Dean, he breaks out in tears, just like he did at the age of 44.

Now the reason why I called Del Mastro “Don Del Mastro” is because of the way he was escorted out of court. There’s a non stop vine which you can find here:

But the longer version which you can find here:

is even more gruesome. First of all, Del Mastro looks like an Italian Mob Boss who has been convicted on 10 counts of murder. Seriously. He is handcuffed and there are even SHACKLES ON HIS FEET. And to top it off, he was led into this huge ass police van/truck. Wow, look at the royal treatment we’re giving him. And the reason I say “we” is because we the taxpayers, are paying for his luxurious court exit. What else is also cool about the video is that you can hear the police officer talking to Del Mastro. The officer politely says “right over here” and Del Mastro replies, holding back tears he says “ok.” Once Del Mastro is locked up and ready to go the officer tells him “it’ll be about a 45 minute drive.”

Yes, a 45 minute drive to the can.


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Why Does Everyone Want To Become a Doctor?


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It’s a subject that has been debated by many. Why does everyone want to become a doctor?

“My son is becoming a doctor.”

“Oh my daughter is a doctor.”

“Oh all my kids are going to be doctors.”

“Oh I visit the doctor once a year.”

That last statement is the cold and hard truth. There are way too many doctors, and although it may seem as a good profession, the truth is that there are unemployed and starving doctors. How often do you visit the doctor? I go about once or twice a year. Even though healthcare is free in Canada, I don’t feel the need to visit a doctor each and every week to receive the same old news- that I’m going to die. In all seriousness I don’t think I’m going to die nor do I think that my cholesterol is high, but my doctor may. It is a mental state of affairs, I want to be positive.

Think about it, each and every person wants to be a doctor. So if there are 1,000,000 doctors in a city and only 999,000 patients, then there are gonna be some problems. Of course, these aren’t real figures, but the way things are going, it just might become a reality. The sad part is that (mostly Asian) parents push their children to become doctors. It’s almost as if they want their kids to end up hungry each and every night, lurking for something to eat with their degree in hand. It seems almost impossible to say that not everyone can become a doctor. Everyone CAN become a doctor. Just look at Dr. Potato for instance standing proudly with his degree (fortunately he’s employed):

Unfortunately not everyone will be as lucky as Dr. Potato. A recent study conducted in 2013 shows that 1 in 6 specialists cannot find work. Also, a recent article by the National Post shows that 78% of ENT (ear, nose, and throat) specialists that graduated last year also cannot find work. LISTEN UP PEOPLE! We don’t need more doctors. People hardly use the “free” healthcare that we get in Canada. So to Anne’s son, Mohamed’s daughter, and Lee’s 15 children, please don’t become doctors. You’re just shooting yourself in the foot (well on the bright side, at least you can heal yourself).

Do you want to become a doctor? If so why do you? If you have a zakopinion, sound off in the comments below.

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Honda & Toyota: Leaders in North American Automotive Employment


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My zakopinion:

I don’t consider myself an automotive guru, however I have a little thing inside of me for cars. I love Domestic cars mainly because they are built in North America with Pride. I have little to no respect for companies like Mercedes and BMW who build most of their cars in their country of origin (Germany), and sell it to people in another country. I know this is how you do business, however you need to do a little bit more for countries that you sell your cars in.

Take Toyota and Honda for example. Honda has plants all across North America. Honda employs 25,000 people in the US and 4,300 in Canada. Toyota employs 37,000 people in the US and about 8,000 in Canada. They sell BUILD and SELL their cars in North America. They give back to the economy. You could say companies like Honda and Toyota are just about as domestic as companies like Ford and GM. I’m a pretty credible source for an accusation like this. Growing up and even until now, my family’s business has had many clients from Toyota and Honda, about 100 I would say. If this affects my family’s business, imagine how many family businesses this would positively effect. I can make a direct connection to automotive companies employing people in North America.

So let’s get a Mercedes comparison. Although Mercedes has a factory is the US which employs about 4,000 people, they don’t have one in Canada. However what Mercedes does claim is that they employ 1,200 people in Canada through dealerships (WHAT?). I believe this is total bogus. After doing some research I found that Honda’s US revenue for 2014 was about $6 billion. Honda employs about 25,000 people in the US. Toyota’s American revenue for 2014 was about 8,000,000,000,000 Yen which is about $64,646,416,330.05 USD. Toyota employs about 37,000 people in the US. Mercedes did not disclose their revenue, however they did sell about 356,000 vehicles in the US in 2014, the average price of these vehicles are about $45,000. If we multiply 356,000 by 45,000 we get $16,020,000,000. Wow, that’s like 1 quarter or Toyota’s sales even though Toyota employs 9 times more people.

What I believe should happen is that our governments should put increased taxes on imported vehicles or even ban them (yeah seriously). We cannot afford to have our people manipulated to buy imported products that hardly even benefit our economy.

And to those who say imports are better and more well made, well, Takata takes that claim away.

What’s your zakopinion? Do you like imported or domestic cars? Do you agree with Zak? Sound off in the comments and make YOUR zakopinion heard!

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What people don’t see about BlackBerry


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In this world, nowadays mostly all you hear regarding technology are Apple and Samsung as they are the main companies competing in the phone market. Other companies such as LG, Sony and other Asian and American brands have gained a bit of foothold in the market. A company that was a big thing before the iPhone 4 came out was BlackBerry. I remember, for every person I passed, he/she was using a BlackBerry. Ever since the iPhone 4 was released, Apple started stealing BlackBerry’s customers. This caused BlackBerry to lose sales and many people thought BlackBerry would not even exist to this day.

Reasons that contributed to this was that the iPhone was touchscreen and had GAMES. On the BlackBerry, you would completely rely on the center button for pretty much everything. Most newer models don’t have that center button anymore as it is touchscreen. Because BlackBerry is a business phone, it did not have any of the good games that your could find in the Apple App Store. It did have an app store though, but only offered social network and work apps. Eventually, BlackBerry created a second app store which had almost every app you could find in the Apple App Store.

What people do not realize is that many government employees, business people and celebrities use BlackBerry. BlackBerry has a data protection system which NATO approves of along with other security councils, law firms and oil and gas industries. When you just read that celebrities use BlackBerry’s it’s a bit surprising, you would generally expect them to own an iPhone or a Samsung. Very recently, the “effective power” text that reboots your iPhone, has been a major blow to Apple. The company has been preparing an update for and it will probably take a while. These things would never happen to your everyday BlackBerry as it is safe, secure, and reliable.

What I like about BlackBerry is their Passport.

It looks more of a business gadget than everything else I have seen developed by BlackBerry and is the size of an actual passport. I have watched many ads on T.V featuring many celebrities and business people using the Passport. These people are really convincing me to trade in my iPhone 5s for a Passport. It is the best phone for business, it has the best features that will satisfy many and I believe it is better than what Apple has to offer. There is fast web browsing and good quality display, the BlackBerry Hub which stores all your notifications such as: messages, emails, social media, etc., and a long battery life. What Apple does is just redesign the shape and size of the iPhone, make some minor touch-ups and it’s as new phone!

As of now, there is no stopping me for getting the passport, except for my plan which expires in the next year. I honestly think that BlackBerry can step up their game even more to be as popular as they were five years ago. I think that the chances of them doing that will take a while and maybe they can be more targeting to non-business people. The keyboard and black coloured phones is what makes it a true design. I think people should stop thinking about BlackBerry’s past and actually realize that BlackBerry is a phone of success and it can satisfy many such as teens and young adults. Even if you hate the keyboard, you can get the BlackBerry Leap or Z30, some models that are a good for gaming.

Oh! I forgot to mention that BlackBerry now has the Amazon Appstore which is equipped with all the newest and latest games and apps.

This is Bossjamesopinionated, and BlackBerry has not died out!


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The Leafs NEED This Restructuring


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My zakopinion:

The Toronto Maple Leafs (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA). Don’t worry let it out, the Leafs are a joke, trust me, I too had a fair share of chuckles. Leafs fans, you have to face it. Your team sucks. And by saying your “team” sucks (notice the quotation marks) I don’t mean the players on the “team” (once again take notice of the quotation marks), I mean the team itself. Like seriously, the Leafs have some of the best players in North America yet the cannot put the “team” (I don’t have to point out that there are quotation marks, but I’ll still do it for the fun of it) together. I mean you have that spoiled brat Phil Kessel who has no respect for anyone and anything. I have reason to believe that Philip is bi-polar. After all, he has his days and is most notably known for his periods of time where he does not speak to media or to anyone. He is also known for his scoring droughts. Wow, at a $6.5 million salary per year, I think this dude should be doing just a little bit more for the team. I have reason to believe that the top guys at MLSE were smoking something when they signed that contract.

With every “team” comes a captain, and judging by how this “team” performs and what their attitudes are like, some would get the impression that the “captain” of this “team” is not doing his job properly. BINGO! Those impressions turned out to be reality.

Dion Phaneuf, or the Pylon

as they:

like to call him, is anything but the typical captain. When compared to some of the greatest captains in Leafs history, the Pylon stands nowhere (see what I did there). This man brings home $8 million a year for him and his wife to throw around and share (please don’t pursue legal action Elisha) for just acting like a pylon. Heck, even Nazem Kadri could make a better captain!

Now I’m pretty sure all hockey fans are disgusted after reading this. Leafs fans, not so much as you guys are used to this type of BS. So who could solve the Leafs’ problems? Brendan Shanahan had the tough job of choosing the newest Leafs coach, however I believe he made the best decision.

Remember that mean looking guy who coached Team Canada to Olympic Gold in both 2010 & 2014?

Yeah, well, he’s the new Leafs coach. WOW. Yeah and guess how much $$$ they’re paying him…

You guessed wrong! That mean looking guy is getting paid $6.25 million a year! This was met by outrage from some, however I think it’s just perfect. After all he has to deal with millionaire brats like Bi-Polar Phil and Dion The Pylon Phaneuf. Well it seems like MLSE was NOT smoking something when they signed this contract. They’re dead serious about the Leafs (HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) at this point. What they want to do is take away that “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” every time someone mentions the Leafs (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA).

So that is my zakopinion. What’s your zakopinion? Make sure to vote below and feel free to further voice YOUR ZAKOPINION by commenting. The Leafs need this restructuring. Do you agree or disagree? What’s YOUR zakopinion?


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New zakopinion Article Format!!!


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Good day to wherever you may be. I bring very exciting news with this post. zakopinion will be introducing a new posting format for certain articles!

These articles will begin with every author writing “My zakopinion:” before the article starts. We at zakopinion will be providing our “zakopinions.” So we will basically be stating our opinion and asking for your “zakopinion” at the end, in order to engage our readers more!

Some articles may also have a poll at the end. We also plan to further optimize our articles with numerous pictures being inserted and certain links being put in. This will hopefully make reading zakopinion a better experience!

The World Partnership Walk & zakopinion’s Sponsorship


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Yesterday the annual World Partnership Walk was held in David Pecaut square in Toronto. I am always a donor of the Walk and this year did something a little bit special. zakopinion Sponsored t-shirts for the WPW.

The money goes towards many initiatives in East Africa and Asia which are led by the Aga Khan Development net work. The walk was a great experience. Among the more famous attendees were Toronto Mayor John Tory, Premier Kathleen Wynne, Leader of Ontario’s Official Opposition Patrick Brown, Deputy Mayor Denzil Minan Wong, Conservative MP John Carmichael, and Liberal MPP Reza Moridi.
Also in attendance were thousands who took part in the walk and many corporations.

zakopinion is a proud sponsor of the World Partnership Walk!

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